Bailey Townsend Biography

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Hitting a game winning shot always seemed like a dream for Bailey Townsend. Having the opportunity to play basketball was a blessing in itself, not to mention getting to hit the shot of a lifetime. She never imagined that such a dream could actually turn into a reality, that is, until the opportunity fell right into her hands.

Growing up, playing basketball was the highlight of Townsend’s childhood. It seems that from the moment she could walk, that a basketball was in her hands. She started playing the game in the second grade, and continued to until after she graduated high school. Instead of playing on the playground like other kids, Townsend spent most of her time at the basketball court with her dad. She didn’t mind though. She knew that if she were to get better, that practice would be absolutely necessary. Even at a young age Townsend understood the concepts of hard work and perseverance, which would come in handy later on in life.

While learning how to work hard and persevere through difficult times was important for Townsend, the greatest quality that she ever gained from playing basketball was confidence. Whenever she stepped on that court, she felt like the best version of herself. Growing up, she was always considered
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People say it hung in the air for years before it eventually came down. The ball spins and spins until it eventually falls through the net, confirming that her team is officially going to state. She claims that was truly one of the best moments of her entire life, making the game winning shot and being leading scorer that night. It was the one night where her confidence, hard work, and perseverance was truly tested, and she overcome. Despite the fact that many years have passed, Townsend still reflects fondly on that moment; always thanking the sport of basketball for giving her qualities that will continue to help her for years to

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