The Success Of Millennium Development Goals Essay

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When discussing the successes of development in Third World countries, subjectivity plays a key role in its determination . What a person in a First World country considers development and that of a person who lives in a Third World country will vary greatly due to their individual ideas of what constitutes development. In its planning, “poverty,” “education,” “[gender] equality,” “environmental sustainability,” among others, are listed as goals to be met (United Nations MDG Report 2014). These are called Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which were created with the intention to help Third World countries develop. Even though these issues are considered vital to the well-being of peoples in Third World countries, there are a number of issues about what they do and how they do it, such as having “little information about what exactly [has been] achieved” through MDGs since the year 2000 (Lomborg 2014). According to the United Nations Millennium Goals, their agenda “is slated to carry on the work of the MDGs and integrate the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Continued progress towards the MDGs in the remaining year is essential to provide a solid foundation for the post-2015 development agenda” (United Nations MDG Report 2014). Although, it is has also become routine for First World countries to seek benefits when attempting to aid countries that are underdeveloped. They also set the agendas and enforce them onto Third World nations…

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