Essay about The Success Of Manifest Destiny

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The Success of Manifest Destiny In the 19th century there was the expansion of the United States throughout the American Continent. Expansion was inevitable for multiple reasons. During this time there was a growing population. Not only was there a growing population, but America was prosperous. As Manifest Destiny was occurring, in the west there was the California Gold Rush. Americans were becoming more prosperous as they expanded west. There were new opportunities out West, so families decided to migrate westward. Manifest Destiny is the 19th century expansion in the United States, it stretched from coast to coast. This revelation led up to the most important historical event in U.S. history. There were multiple outcomes from Manifest Destiny, good and bad. The success was the Gold Rush, and expansion, while the bad outcomes of Manifest Destiny led to the events that caused the Civil War. To start, Manifest Destiny was the expansion that occurred in the 19th century. This revelation caused many events to occur. Manifest Destiny created a tremendous amount of opportunities for Americans. During this time, it was the “American Dream”. There were many opportunities and bright futures for families who would move out westward during the expansion. American’s believed that the expansion was God given. American’s also said God’s plan (Manifest Destiny)was to bring equalizing and an uplifting democracy to the whole continent. Manifest Destiny made Americans feel entitled to…

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