The Success Of Global Cooperation Essay

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World order is defined as the activities and relationships between the world’s states and other significant non-state global actors that occur within a legal, political and economic framework, and thus implies a requisite level of international peace and stability. The success of global cooperation is evident through East Timor, in comparison to other interventions such as Syria and Rwanda through legal and non-legal measures. The effectiveness of the United Nation’s legal response and non-legal responses from the media, Australian aid and NGO’s in relation to global cooperation of East Timor peace-keeping operations has been predominantly effective in restoring world order over time. However, state sovereignty has limited enforceability and the effectiveness of responses due to a lack of compliance.
Indonesia’s annexation of East Timor was of an international concern and was also of UN’s distress as it was seen as an act of aggression, violating U.N Charter’s Chapter VII. The 2012 World Report by the Human Rights Watch stated that over 100,000 people were killed during the conflict between East Timor v Indonesia. The UN’s mission is considered a success in East Timor due to its relative enforceability. While at first Indonesia’s state sovereignty acted as a barrier to the resolutions, it was eventually amended. UN’s resolution 1246 was the first resolution to be passed, establishing the United Nations Mission on East Timor (UNAMET). This was highly ineffective as they were…

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