The Success Of An Institution Of Higher Education Essay

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The success of an institution of higher education is measured by the success of their students. The success of the students is also a direct reflection of the success of the student affairs division. Student affairs professionals are responsible for providing the resources necessary for students to perform to their best abilities and guiding them in positive development as college students and individuals. This requires a student affairs division to have the proper departments to handle the different needs of a student. Institutions of different size and Carnegie classification will have different needs that need to be met for their students. This means there will be different departments on campus. Funding and budgets can also determine the structure of a student affairs division. To gain a better understanding of student affairs divisions at different institutions, I chose to review the organization structure of National Park College and Henderson State University. The two colleges have roughly the same student body size, reporting between 3,200 and 3,600 students enrolled. While these colleges are similar in enrollment numbers, they differ in their Carnegie classification. National Park College is a two-year school and is classified as an Associates college. This means the school awards associates degrees and certificates. Henderson State College is a four-year institution and is classified as a Master’s College. This means the institution awards masters, bachelors, and…

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