Essay on The Success Of A Success

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Dynamic Success I am an amalgamation of my aunts an uncles and a product of there success. Success to me has been ever changing and slowly developing concept of what I think makes me happy, as a young child my ambitions were focused, riches would be my first class seat to happiness. But with multiple jobs, from making a reasonable living to part times with meager wages material was fleeting. I have a sizable measuring stick of experiences, that contributed to my current happiness. But my happiness, the by product of success is still fluid.
Successes in today’s society can be measured by the house you live in or the car you drive, the education you achieve, even the attractiveness of your spouse, I believe success is a personal vice that we carry and can be passed on to our children and family.
My view of success is now based on time, yes time, the time I can spend with my family, the time I get to experience new things. Success to me is now based on the people around me being happy, I am a strong believer in new experiences make for a longer life, and in so have tried so many new things. The more I live the less I live, and I have only achieved success in finding someone to spend the rest of my life with which still requires time. But I have found some success At the age of about 7 my mother migrated to America to make a better life for bought of us for most of my childhood that I can remember my mother was a phone call and a western-union form to fill out. Love was…

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