Essay on The Success Of A Politician

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The success of a politician is determined by his/her ability to go into the meat grinder that is that American political machine and come out strong on the other side; not many make it through, but those that do come out with the experience and resources necessary to make it through the political cycle for as long as they desire, thus giving them an incredible advantage over the newcomers to the political game. The ultimate goal of any congressmen is to achieve reelection, and such a venture could not be easier for incumbent members of congress: those already in office have already amassed name recognition, have ample funds to finance their future campaigns, and are able to hire a greater number of staff members to aid in their campaign. Newcomers, on the other hand, are forced to attain for themselves a degree of fame in order to ensure that they may be recognized. Newcomers also lack the funds to which incumbent seats have access. When the circumstances in which newcomers and incumbents are juxtaposed, it becomes easy to see why the rate of reelection is so high.
However, even though the odds are indeed stacked in their favor, incumbents must take care to maintain a positive public image and opinion within their respective constituency. It is, however, integral that the incumbent pay attention to the demographic groups that are most likely to vote. Such groups include the wealthy and the elderly. Candidates also pay special attention to the party identification of the…

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