The Success Of A College Essay

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To become successful in college it is essential that one excels academically, but more importantly one must absorb all the knowledge four years at a university can provide, including but certainly not limited to academics. A portion of college success lay in the ability to properly live an independent lifestyle; this includes maintaining a healthy independent living place which will become the central hub of all future success in one’s college endeavors. Living an independent life style also includes being held responsible for maintaining ones schedule, such as completing assignments on time, attending class, being on time for work, maintaining healthy diet and hygiene, and regulating free time effectively. Success in college rests a great deal on academic performance, ones studies must come before all other priorities. Class assignments should not be rushed to completion the night before their due date, nor should they be slothfully executed. A great deal of time throughout the week must be devoted to studying, even if ones grasp on their course work seems unbreakable, extra study time is always useful. Ultimately college success is achieved when one realizes their purpose in attending university, whether that is a career in a field which requires a college degree, a specific position of employment, or just acquiring the knowledge college can provide that will allow for a brighter future.
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