Essay on The Success Is Not True Success

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Cheated Success is Not True Success
“Success will come and go, but integrity is forever”,(Success will come and go, but integrity is forever) an expression Amy Anderson that claims, it is better to obstinately model your words of dignity, then obliterate your reputation as consequence of a foolish act. In every student there is a desire to do well in their academics, and doing so each individual longs to have excellent grades to reflect their effort. In every educational career there is an opportunity for success. In order to obtain that success, each student must practice academic integrity, meaning honesty and responsibility in scholarship. Assignments are implemented to help students learn and show how they acquire their academics fairly and equally. Relying on own knowledge, working individually, truthfully collaborating with others, and following all rules and policies are all aspects of developing honest and respectable integrity. Although academic integrity builds fair and respectful morals, many students fall into methods of academic misconduct and dishonesty, rather than maintaining genuine efforts of righteousness.
Academic misconduct in any form is unacceptable and have hefty consequences. Students tend to forget that all work exists to challenge them, but many students result to cheating. According to article, Cheating In College: Where It Happens, Why Students Do It and How to Stop It, approximately 75% students admit to cheating in college. Indiana University’s…

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