The Success For The Publishing Industry Essay

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There is no doubt that genre fiction is widely popular that creates continuous commercial success for the publishing industry. For instance, according to Carter, revenue from Australian book exports grew from AUD$162 million in 2001 to AUD$225 million in 2010 (52). Of course most of this revenue will have come from high profile authors who have enjoyed great commercial success in their chosen genre. For example,
Titles published in Australia represented 47 of the top 100 sellers among adult fiction across the 12 years to August 2014, although this number included seven works by American Jodi Picoult (in Australian editions) and multiple titles by a small group of authors: Bryce Courtenay, Tim Winton, Matthew Reilly and Di Morrissey (Carter, 52).
However, this means that literary works deemed to be more worthy by critics and academics doesn’t receive as much revenue or attention. This so called highbrow literature is championed by the critics over popular fiction for its apparent superiority. Therefore, popular fiction has been labelled “formulaic, commercial and escapist”, traits that critics use as justification to dismiss these works.
This essay will argue that the commercial success and use of genre in popular fiction alone is not sufficient grounds to condemn it as inferior to so called ‘serious literature’. Arguably, a successful work of genre fiction can be high quality if the right literary techniques are used and if the writing is high quality. This will be…

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