Essay The Success And Failures Of Silviculture Treatments

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The success and failures of silviculture treatments are preordained by stand establishment. When reestablishing stands, you have to keep in mind the regulation of all vegetation, and animals and not just the trees. True forest only grow where the climate is more conducive than average to the development of land vegetation. New vegetation usually only appears after a disturbance has eliminated all or some of the preexisting plants. If someone wants to create a specific kind of forest, it is best to consider the natural disturbance that are in the area. No species is adapted to all natural disturbances, so it is important to know what grows after a specific kind of disturbance. You should also consider that looking at small stands of similar species, only looking at older trees or old growth will not tell you very much about the regeneration that happened in that unit. In most parts of the world, the most common disturbance is fire. Erosional geological events constitute the most severe kind of natural disturbance.
In erosion events, human caused or natural, can expose parent material that are free of organic matter and nitrogen deficient, the pioneer vegetation adapted to regenerated are more likely to be herbaceous than woody plants. This means it will be hard for trees to regenerate in an area that is impacted by erosion. The second most sever kind of disturbance is very hot fire that burns large amounts of dead fuel created by blow down or pest outbreaks. This kind of…

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