The Success And Education Of Our Youth Essay

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Paper 5 In today’s world, nothing is more important than the success and education of our youth. Without it, our nation as a whole would surely amount to little if not nothing at all. Their decisions and future achievements are huge factors that indirectly affect the way our country develops. That’s scary to think about. Right? Well luckily enough for us, we have highly skilled and trained educators set in place to help the students of today achieve all they are capable of and more. Since the dawn of time although, in many cases educators, or better yet teachers, have all struggled with a very similar difficulty. That being that children don’t always have the will to learn and achieve in school. To cope with this all too real problem, a handful of teachers nationwide have started presenting rewards to those students who score higher on tests and maintain a “good” grade average. In the schools participating students were found to become much more motivated and entwined in their school work. In turn bettering grades in all aspects of their curriculum. Rewards are seen by many as a sure fire way to benefit and improve students’ academics in all categories. Rewarding children in the educational scene creates motivation among students, forms incentive to achieve better grades, and sets one up for a more successful future.
Concerning the topic of paying for good grades, parents of children attending some form of education would be affected the most. It is their children…

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