Essay on The Substitution Of Non Human For Human Technology

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Ritzer 's focus involves control through the substitution of non-human for human technology. By making tasks repetitive and forcing employees not to think, employers can maintain a tighter control over them. Ritzer statement clearly means that more and more people have become so dependent upon the usage of modern technologies such as computers, handheld assistants devices or have even become so accustomed to the lifestyles that have been demanded for all of us to endure. But clearly are we really comprehending "What 's going on here?" In my opinion, becoming so reliable upon the usage of technologies have made many of us useless and therefore have become so replaceable because we cannot adapt to the change in our very own workplace or vene perhaps at home. Many people cannot even operate an oven correctly or even work on a computer as the usage of computers are at a higher demand than most of any other technical device. McDonaldization is becoming the new wave of job types where workers are being deskilled, dehumanized and exploited. Machines are taking over tasks which the employees used to do such as bank machines (interact). The McDonaldized jobs now instead of making the employee do all the work they have the customer working too, for example when the customer cleans up after eating. These jobs are becoming less interactive and personal because workers are becoming dehumanized and only allowed to follow a script, there is also the fact that fast food Company’s use drive…

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