The Subjective Forms Of Medical And Social Discrimination Essay example

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This study will define the subjective forms of medical and social discrimination that are imposed on people with disabilities due to being considered a “minority group.” The dispute over the social circumstances of disabilities has often been framed through the traditional “social model” or “minority” to define discrimination, but the majority of ‘able-bodied” persons tend to create the policies and rules for protecting the rights of disabled people. However, the argument that impairment and illness is a part of all human experiences defines the necessity of a new social model to include “disabled” as a part of humanity, and not a minority. Persons with disabilities have often been defined as a sub-set of humanity, since they have been medically defined as being disable in a narrow view of their condition as minorities in the healthcare system. This type of limited and inhumane definition of disabilities defines why physically impaired people are not seen as “human beings” in a healthcare perspective, but as a type of deviant medical condition that is to be managed by “majority persons” that are not disabled. In essence, an analysis of the problem of medical and social hierarchy defines why persons with disabilities are discriminated against as a minority group in modern American society. The development of the “social model or “minority model” of identity for disabled persons defined an era in which disabled people were the focus of legislative and social reforms…

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