The Subjective Experiences Of The World Essay

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The subjective experiences of the world around us are different for everyone. These experiences that one is having is part of consciousness. Consciousness has to do with everything we do in our daily lives. Through consciousness we are able to walk and understand the meaning of words without having to think twice about it. Consciousness is responsible for is sleep. Sleep is an altered state of consciousness where the awareness of the outside world is turned off (Gazzaniga, Heatherton, & Halpern). After tracking my sleep for seven consecutive days, I noticed and experienced things that have never happened to me before. Through last year I also have learned how important sleep truly is and how it can affect your entire life. I first noticed that due to tracking my sleep, of how many times I woke up during the night and for how long, I slept worse. For the first three days we were asked to record when we fell asleep, how many times we woke up, for how long we woke up, the last time we woke up, and what time we got out of bed. This to me became very stressful. I found myself too focuses and stressed that I would not be able to remember if I woke up and for how long. Due to this, I believe I experienced pseudoinsomnia. This is where people dream that they are not sleeping but and EEG indicates they are actually sleeping (Gazzaniga, Heatherton, & Halpern). I experienced this the first night of recording my sleep, so I decided to download the application Sleep Cycle. For the next…

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