The Study Of Cognitive Arithmetic Essay

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The study of cognitive arithmetic targets the mental representations of numbers, and the process that retrieves this knowledge. It is essential to gain an understanding of how it is a person’s knowledge of numbers and mathematics is stored in memory, and how external factors affect its retrieval. Research examines multiple variables that affect mental processes, further understanding of cognition. The retrieval process, self-reports, calculators, and anxiety are all proven reasons as to why numeracy is on the decline. In order to study the effects first-hand, an study was conducted using a standard mathematical test. The participants, second year students at Trent University, were educated directly throughout the curriculum shift when calculators were introduced in the early years. It was hypothesized that our sample of participants would follow the strong negative correlation of academic fluency, with scores that were slightly lower than past French Kit scores. This area of cognitive psychology is important as Canadian students struggle in completing everyday situations that involve basic math, impacting their employment opportunities and the economy as a whole.
A total of 52 participants (8 males, 44 females) from a second year psychology class, voluntarily participated in this study. Various measures were used to assess cognitive arithmetic. To examine the visual-spacial working memory of the participants, researchers used the REY Complex Figure. This assessment…

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