The Students With Disabilities Advisory Council Essay

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OXFORD, OH - After finishing a meeting with The Miami Student, Megan Zahneis rushed to her next student-run organization meeting. Dressed in all black business attire, she took the five-minute walk up Spring Street from the Armstrong Student Center to McGuffey Hall on Miami University’s Campus. A group of fifteen people gathered on a Wednesday afternoon to engage in conversation and enjoy coffee and snacks. Five board members of the Students with Disabilities Advisory Council shared stories, expressed their concerns and answered questions pertaining to their experiences at Miami. Megan Zahneis is one of 50 cases in the world born with a rare neurological disorder. When she was born on Christmas Day, the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her. At nine months old, Zahneis was diagnosed with Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy type two (HSAN II). She does not feel pain, temperature, and touch to the same degree as everyone else. She cannot regulate her own body temperature, she doesn’t have reflexes and experiences delayed reactions. Zahneis is also deaf and has a sleeping disorder. “I could tell horror stories all day long about my experiences because of my conditions,” said Zahneis. “By the time I realize something is wrong, it’s too late.” From before she can remember, Zahneis has worn hearing aids. Over the years her hearing aids slowly stopped working and physicians encouraged getting cochlear implants. By the age of eleven, she had implants in…

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