The Student Support Services Program Essay

813 Words Apr 12th, 2016 4 Pages
The Student Support Services Program has been my beacon of light that has guided me ever since the college journey commenced exactly eight months ago. As a first-generation student, I, and I know many other students, encounter hurdles and obstacles that often prevent us from success. Nonetheless, SSSP encourages me to strive and navigate through the college campus like a free and independent bird.
I think what I am most proud of belonging to the SSSP family is the people who are part of it. Everyone is so motivated to do well, to excel, to highlight, to contribute to the institution, either through their passion, leadership, and/or knowledge. During my first year at Brandeis, I have been able to find a real passion. My academic advisor, from SSSP, has been supportive about me exploring the distinct subjects that I am interested in. In this first year, I realized that I really do enjoy writing, and I have decided upon Comparative Literature and Culture as a major and Journalism as a minor. To me, writing started as a way to improve my English—being my second language—but it ended up beguiling me.
In addition, I also discovered that I have not had the opportunity to explore my culture and roots. Nonetheless, at Brandeis, I reconnected with that unplugged wire and decided to also major in Hispanic Studies. It allows me to learn more about where I come from, but also enjoy one of my biggest passions: literature. I think that without the support from SSSP, I would not have dared…

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