The Student Health Center For Hiv / Aid Testing Essay

1514 Words Dec 8th, 2014 null Page
Sophie is a 21 year old senior attending a mid-size 4year college in Central New York. She transferred from a small rural 4year college. Sophie visited the Student Health Center for HIV/AID testing. Fortunately, she was given a clean bill of health. Sophie was not able to eat well for weeks prior her health examination. She stopped hanging out with her friends, soccer teammates and eventually dropped out of the team. Sophie started skipping class and not participating when she would attend. Her health and wellness professor noticed her changed behavior and recommended she talks to someone from the counseling center. After a few visits, she was dissatisfied with counseling and decided to stop going. A few weeks after, she was approached by a nice gentleman who was a member of a fraternity at the campus and introduced her to his sorority sisters. One of the sisters took an immediate liking to Sophie and offered to be her “big sis” is she decided to join. Big Sis expressed that Sophie reminded her of herself, young, shy, sweet and innocent. Sophie decided to pledge when she heard that she would have a family on campus that would support and protect her. A few days after she started pledging, Sophie started partying and drinking every weekend at parties thrown by the sorority and their brother fraternity. On the weekdays, Sophie would be out all day and returning to her room only in time for bed. She joined an organization which was in charge of majority of programs and…

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