The Student Eq Edge Workbook : An Introduction Of Emotional Intelligence

752 Words May 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Personal Benefits: In the first chapter of the student EQ edge workbook the workbook covers an introduction of emotional intelligence. The chapter defines and outlines emotional intelligence. Chapter one introduces, self-perception, stress management, decision making, interpersonal, and self-expression. The second chapter goes over case studies of emotionally intelligent behavior. Chapter two covers nine case studies of people/students that are suffering with problems most people face. In these case studies we the students are to answer reflection questions at the end of each case study in our own opinions. The realm I chose to study this week was section one, self-perception. I chose to study the first section, self-perception, because I would rather go in order starting with the first section to the last section. This helps me in my personal opinion, because I want to learn these realms in order to really help me learn, even though I’m sure learning them in a different order will still achieve the same learning ability. Two ways I will personally benefit from self-perception and increase my skills, is to recognize my emotions better. If I’m more aware of how I’m feeling and why I’m feeling the way I am at any moment this could help me calm my anxiety, sadness, or anger that I could be feeling. Another benefit I can use from self-perception is learning more about my strengths and weaknesses. When I search for more strengths and possible weaknesses that I…

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