The Strugity Of Trust In Homer's The Odyssey

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Trust is needed to reach an end goal and gain a sense of tranquility and security from completing this end goal. In The Odyssey, trustworthiness leads to tranquility and security of people. Trust extends from thoughts to people in The Odyssey. Telemachus, Odysseus’ son, trusts in the idea that his father is still alive and gains tranquility and security when his trust is fulfilled when his father returns to Ithaca. Penelope’s trustworthy relationship with Odysseus manages to keep the suitors at bay until Odysseus can return and battle them alongside Telemachus. Odysseus’ trusts in the idea that he will get home and finally see his family after his long arduous journey. Odysseus left to fight in the Trojan War shortly after the birth of his …show more content…
For years, suitors have been in the home of Odysseus trying to court Penelope while mistreating the home, Telemachus, and those who they consider lower than them. in book 19 Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, tells Penelope that Odysseus is nearing home Penelope responds to this:
“If only, my friend,” reserved Penelope exclaimed, “ everything you say would come to pass! You’d soon know my affection, know my gifts. Any man you meet would call you blest (19.353-357)”

Penelope is hoping that what Odysseus as the beggar is saying is actually true. She still maintains trust in her relationship with Odysseus but it becomes hard for her to continue as it would be safe to assume that Odysseus is not coming home. This is shown in her doubt as well as hope presented in her reply. She is brought security and tranquility once Odysseus reveals and proves himself at the end of the book. Trust is important in reaching certain end goals. The Odyssey shows the accomplishment of the end goals of Odysseus, Telemachus, and Penelope through their trust. If Odysseus were to say he couldn’t get home, he wouldn’t have trust in his end goal and therefore wouldn’t be able to reach it due to the lack of motivation brought by

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