Adam Brown American Dream

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What is the “American Dream?” According to James Truslow Adams, the definition of the “American Dream” is “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” Adam Brown was a special man who expected a lot out of himself. His “American Dream” was to be the best he could be and postively impact others around him. Despite his obstacles, Adam achieved his “American Dream.” He battled his addiction to drugs, built a relationship with his family through God, and joined the SEALS.
In high school, Adam was the outgoing guy who got along with everyone. Adam was good at everything he did, mainly because he never gave up. He was determined and wanted to be the best. He succeeded
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Adam began to pray more and opened up about his faith. “Now Adam was ready to recommit his life to Jesus and asked the pastor if he could help.” (page 69) This shows a lot about who Adam was and how determined he was to get back on track. He put his trust in God and let him take over. He ended getting to where he needed to be. Adam met Kelley, who was considered his “angel from Heaven,” stayed with him through everything. She was always there everytime he relasped. She was very strong and determined to get Adam better. She led him to build his faith with God and helped him keep that relationship with Him. Soon after, God had become one of the most important priorities in Adam’s life. He put his trust in Him and let Him lead Adam through the rest of his journey. Adam taught his kids to be this way also. He loved his kids and wife and made sure they never forgot it. He strived to give them the best life that he could. His family was his “American Dream.” When he would leave, he made Kelley notes about how much he loved her before he left. She would find these notes while Adam was gone and it would make her happy. Everyone was jealous of how Adam would treat Kelley and his kids. “Everything was perfect, with our kids and their kids, and the laughter and the stories.” On page 253, Janice explains how great it was to have their family back together, happy again. When Adam reconnected with God, it opened his eyes. He saw how good he could be and worked to be that way. He always put his family first after that and tried to keep them safe. Because of his spiritual relationship, it led him to be a good father and husband to his

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