The Struggles Of Pursuing Higher Education Essay

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The Struggles of Pursuing Higher Education
In her essay, “Reclaiming the Promise of Higher Education: Poor Single Mothers in Academe,” Vivyan Adair asserts that higher education should be prioritized for low-income single mothers in order to help them transition out of welfare reliance and to advance themselves and their families into a positive, stable environment. Adair believes that as of 1996, the welfare system has lowered single mothers’ chances of pursuing education by prioritizing the “work-first” policy, making it hard for mothers to find the time to go to school between long hours of work and the expenses of childcare services. Adair makes a valid point that ever since the “reform” of the welfare system, this has caused for limited opportunities for education and is only a temporary plan to get single mothers out of poverty. The only way for them to get out of poverty is for the welfare system to prioritize education over work; clearly, the number of opportunities has significantly decreased ever since the welfare reform costing mothers from pursuing a successful and secure lifestyle.
Firstly, Adair explains in her essay that single mothers had many more opportunities to pursue a higher education before the welfare reform. In a testimony, a single mother shares her experience of pursuing a higher education and the doors it opened for her and her family:
As children, my sibling and I were marked by poverty… I was fortunate to have been poor and broken in an era…

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