Essay on The Struggles Of Portland : Sex Trafficking

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The struggles of Portland: sex trafficking
Where strip clubs thrive in Portland, so does sex trafficking; be aware of your surroundings and notice the red flags. Sex trafficking is a combination of human trafficking and forced prostitution of men, women, and children.(Campbell,Andy) I am going to educate you about grooming also known as seasoning, johns, pimps, perpetrators, and also madams. A john is a person who pays or trades something for sex. A pimp is someone who controls and financially benefits from the commercial exploitation of another person. A perpetrator is someone who has committed a crime, or has done something bad. Grooming or seasoning is a phased process in which a pimp uses different stages to force the victim to do sexual acts, it can last long periods of time from just a few days to many years. And last but not least, a madam is an older woman who manages a brothel, escort service and or any other prostitution establishment; working alone or with other traffickers. (Common sex)
Sex trafficking has been around since the early 1840’s, starting with women and children. In the early 1900’s it became a bigger issue.(Sex trafficking) The only thing that has really changed about sex trafficking is the fact that it’s getting worse, and not many people are aware of the problem. They call it America’s dirty little secret. In 2009-2013, 469 children were victims, with the average age being 15 years old and the lowest age just 8 years old, which of 96% of those…

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