The Struggles Of My Life Essay

1488 Words Oct 12th, 2015 null Page
These are the struggles in my life. As I grew up, my mom gave me everything I wanted. Kindergarten until my fourth grade year I was a good kid. I got A’s and B’s listen to my teachers and to my mom. But, when I started my fifth grade years, everything change for me. My friend Jose told me and two other friends, that his uncle taught him about gang life. His uncle gave him permission to start his own crew. My mom always told me to stay away from gangs and trouble. I didn’t listen because it was with my friends and I have known them for a long time. That’s when my life started to fall apart. Jose taught us what we need to know about gang life. He taught us down to what colors to wear, who to respect, and who to hate. One day, when I was getting off the bus, I saw Jose and a group of people I didn’t know tagging a wall. Right before school ended for summer vacation, Jose told us about what’s going on in middle school. He told us that there was a war going on. Between Mexicans and Africans Americans. It wasn’t about race they were fighting about, it was about colors. He told us that we were blue and they were red and that’s why we are at war. We had no enemies because we were still in elementary school. We were cool with everyone. Middle school change all that for us. The black friends we use to be friends with, now we are at war with. Jose told us don’t worry there was going to be people there waiting for us to have our backs. I started middle school in…

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