The Struggles Of Helen Keller Essay

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Helen Keller is a remarkable woman. She was put through so much in her life and overcame obstacles that some might not understand. Reading her books and hearing the stories about how she slept and night and tossed and turned, it will give you a different perspective. Her life was filled with silence and darkness until Anne came along. Their friendship grew and grew; Anne helped Helen through her darkest hours and Helen did the same in return. Helen Keller had such a huge impact on others at such a young age. By the age of 10, she had ships named after her. She wrote books, gave lectures, and spoke to 25 different nations. Her books were translated into 50 different languages (Stuckey). Her actions made her who she was, which is a gifted woman. Helen left her legacy behind, and what a great legacy it was. Helen wasn’t born blind or deaf. When she was one and a half years, old she came down with the Scarlet Fever. The doctors called it, “An acute congestion of the stomach and brain” (Stuckey 255). Her mother Kate spoke about how Helen would run to the door when she heard the doorbell. Her motherly instincts were kicking in and she knew something was wrong when Helen didn’t run to the door. When Kate sat at the table with her family to eat, she stood up and shook a homemade rattler into Helens ear. She didn’t move or even blink (Garrett 7). When it was known to Kate, she knew it was going to be a difficult time for the Kellers.…

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