The Struggles Of Enslaved People During The Pre Civil War Essay

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The Struggles of Enslaved People during the Pre-Civil War In the, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, by Frederick Douglass, illustrates the difficult, barbaric, and most crucial times enslaved people had ever experienced in the Pre-Civil War Era in the South. Slavery in America was more prominent than most countries because not only were the blacks enslaved, but they were discriminated merely by the color of their skin and were treated as trash. For the life of a black slave was like that of an object; bought, sold, abused, etc., and at times were not even considered as humans. They were often treated worse than the animals around them. Frederick Douglass was no exception, however, he had it easier than some of the others since he kept jumping from one master to another, some more lenient than others. For example, one of the mistresses he worked for, Lucretia Auld, helped him learn how to read. Regardless of his circumstance, Frederick managed to figure out how to peruse and compose, in some cases by bribing white young boys into showing him in return for bits of bread. At the time of around twelve, he gained a duplicate of the Columbian Orator, a book of popular talks that shaped the premise for his later abilities as a remarkable open speaker. After he increased essential education, Frederick started to connect with others, helping his kindred slaves to peruse and operation a taboo Sunday school. As he increased more learning of the world…

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