Essay on The Struggles Of Being Transgender

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In the article it talks about some of the struggles of being transgender. In class the term was defined as someone who identifies themselves as the other sex but they haven’t gotten the surgery to physically change their anatomy. The article has several different athletes talk about their personal experiences in regards to how they orient themselves. In a normal society it is a difficult enough to have to cope with family and school. However with the added stress of being an athlete it bring up a large amount of added situations that create conflict. Some of the circumstances talk about were about where they should change and what bathroom they should go into, as well as policies for sport. According to the article there were policies in regards to time that had to be taken prior to competition “In 2O04 the International Olympic Committee venture the first answer, ruling that any trans athlete who wants to compete against those not of their birth sex must undergo sex reassignment surgery and then two years of hormone therapy-either testosterone supplementation (to go from female to male) or testosterone suppression” (to go from male to female). This idea was also talked about in class, and the reasoning was due to the fact that they didn’t want thier to be an unfair advantage for the individual. I personally don’t have a great understanding of the terms like intersexed, which means someone who is born with box sex organs. The reading was very helpful in terms of helping…

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