The Struggle Over Ultimate Authority Of Rome Essay

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In the 10th century, conflict arose as the dominance of the church’s power began to clash with the growing power of non-religious kingdoms. Church leaders and political leaders began to struggle over ultimate authority of Rome. The existing conflict between Christian leaders and monarchs prompted the first religious holy war. This arose when the Turks threatened to invade the Byzantine Empire and conquer Constantinople. Emperor of Byzantine Alexius I made a plea to Pope Urban II for troops from the West to encounter the Turkish intimidation (Backman 255). Urban, wanting to reinforce the power of Christianity leadership, took advantage of the opportunity to unite Christianity in Europe by starting a crusade to take back the Holy Land from Muslim control. Jerusalem was considered the “City of God” for Christians because this is where Jesus had lived most of his life, and was born in neighboring city, Bethlehem. He created an army consisting of elite knights and ordinary citizens by preaching stories about the anti-Christian acts of Muslims, and promising those who participated in the service a wash away of Sins for dying in the honor of Christian faith. Due to the medieval beliefs of Christianity and the importance of the Orthodox church, many were convinced and willing to fight. This 1st crusade was the only crusade successful out of the official 7 in getting into Jerusalem and gaining control of it; it had only lasted 100 years. This lead to the 6 other official crusades,…

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