The Struggle Of The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War
“The conflicts of interest and the passions of rulers and people bring wars”(Toombs). Before the 19th century, slavery was only considered to be beneficial to the United States. However, slavery divided the nation in two in the 19th century. Since the north was mostly industrial, they did not need slavery. On the other hand, the south needed slaves to work on their large plantations. In order to have a balance of free and slaves states, there were many compromises and policies made. Instead of resolving the conflict, events in the nineteenth century continued to grow differences between them, which made the civil war bounded to happen. In addition, the resources that the both sides possessed enabled them to think that they can only accomplish their goal by declaring war. To prevent the southerners from forming a new nation, it was necessary to have a civil war and end slavery.The conflicts between the North and the South made the Civil war necessary and inevitable.
Slavery was the backbone of the southern economy and the southerners were willing to do anything to keep slavery. Due to the southerners behavior toward their slaves, many slaves escaped to the north. Yet, the southerners sent their agents to reclaim the fugitives from the north. They were not willing to lose their slaves. Therefore, congress made a lot of compromises like the missouri compromise and the compromise of the 1850 to maintain peace. However, slavery eventually caused the civil…

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