The Struggle Of The Civil War Essay example

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Through the years, numerous abolitionists worked fervently trying to free the enslaved peoples and end slavery. To some extent, they were successful in spreading the word against slavery. Unfortunately, many lost their lives while fighting for their cause because it was something different and most people back in that time did not like change at all. At least their work was not done in vain; their accomplishments were one of many issues that became a springboard for the federal government to pursue the Civil War (Shultz, 2104). Prior to the start of the Civil War the slaves were fighting for their freedom through unorthodox means. All of the events that led up to the war were instrumental for the slaves. While a few slaves had courage and fearlessness the majority remained suppressed; eventually, all enslaved peoples heard and possibly witnessed the uprisings by their fellow slaves through the examples the majority became courageous, fearless, and they had a faith and love for the Lord and their families that carried them through extreme events. The slaves who ran away after the war began were fugitives. The masters hunted the slaves trying to capture them and bring them back to the plantation. They were determined by any means possible to collect their property. The slaves ran away looking for improved conditions, searching for family members, trying to earn money and send it back to their families, to possibly find freedom for themselves, some of them even joined…

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