The Struggle Of Him Crossing The Border Essay

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This is a story about a guy trying to come to the United states and have a better future: the struggle of him crossing the border. He gave up in some point of his life but now he’s here trying his best for himself and not giving up. “Gracias a dios que me dio la oportunidad de llegar hasta mi destino y dejarme volver a ver a mi 0 hermano y su familia, también por ayudarme a luchar por un buen futuro” (Thank god that gave me the opportunity to get to my destination and letting get to see my brother and his family again, also for helping me fight for a better future).

Alexander Gonzalez was born in Guadalajara. At the age of 24, he immigrated to Houston, Texas, for two or three days and after his brother went and pick him up he move to Kansas City, Missouri. He came here because his brother is in Kansas City, MO and it the only person who he has in the United States.

When he was in Texas he was really afraid that he would get caught because it was a group of people leaving in a house. He said, “After a hard work I did, when I cross the border, I was still scared because I felt like I wasn’t safe”.

Alexander Moved to the United States for a better life, also to see his brother Javier. People were losing their jobs and couldn’t afford much things. The prices of their needs were too high and they couldn’t afford them because of the bad situation that they were in.

When he was in Mexico he talked to his brother to help him out to come to the United States. His ‘brother…

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