Was The Industrial Revolution A Success

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Yes, the Industrial revolution was one of mans greatest achievement’s and stepping stones into todays modern world, but it was also the the continuation of cruel and inhuman treatment towards the unprivileged working class. The Industrial revolution commenced around the 1780’s. Despite the economical success it had for the country as a whole, it was quite the opposite for the working class. These people the common factory laborers were treated no better than the way cattle were abused on a farm. Fredrick Engle’s, an ample man who was born into wealth, he was a factory owners son who did not follow the cruel authority of common factory owners. Engle was a man who really brought understanding to people on the how inhuman factory works were treated. So was the Industrial revolution really a success? …show more content…
Before the 18th century, people would live off the crops they produced right in their backyards. They would use a barter system if they had any additional crops. Most of the manufacturing was done in people’s home, but that all changed with the Industrial revolution. The Industrial revolution was the beginning of mass production with the use of large specialized tools powered by coal. The steam engine played a big role in the development and “success” of the Industrial revolution. Although the revolution was a success, it was also a failure in the way the common people where over worked and

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