The Struggle For Women 's Rights Essay

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The function of women in America has been ever-changing and progressive since the established institution of republican motherhood of the colonial period. Throughout history, many women have attempted to oppose the meek, and maternal cutout that was made for them by patriarchal societies. The fight for women’s rights has been long and strenuous with many victories along the way, leading up to the ultimate campaign for gender equality during the 1960s lead by influential, empowering women.
One of the earliest and most significant of the feminist victories was the ratification of the nineteenth amendment in 1920 which granted women the right to vote. Women continued to push barriers by challenging the republican motherhood ideal that a women’s place was at home when they began moving into the workforce during the Second World War. The percentage of women in the workforce increased from 27 to 37% in World War II . While this new societal function proved to be effective for the time, there was a regression of equality in the next decade. When the men came home following the war, women were expected to return to their stereotypical housewife persona. Television shows such as I Love Lucy, and The Honeymooners helped perpetuate the contradictory message of a homebound woman rather than the “Rosie the Riveter” wanted in World War II.
By the time the 1960s rounded the corner women were still trapped in this phase of mediocrity. One woman decided to challenge this long accepted…

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