The Struggle For Women Throughout American History Essay

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The struggle for women throughout American history has always been a substantial battle, from as early as the suffrage movement, to more recent fights such as the wage gap and the right to choose. It would seem that in light of these issues, women of all backgrounds would present a more unified front in utilizing activism to combat inequality. The reality is that the rift between women has existed in various forms, such as women who fought to have a place in the workplace being criticized by women who felt that they should stay in the home as housewives. Or the basic fight of women who disregarded feminism in its entirety fighting against radical feminists.
The core expression and ideology of feminism is simple at its very root, feminism defined is; the belief in gender equality, it offers an alternative to the traditional structures of power, and more recently during the second and third waves it questions the binary system of gender roles. However, even with these seemingly straightforward guidelines, there is still a break in communication, and a lack of respect for women of color in the feminist movements, particularly amongst white female identifying feminists, not allowing women of color into their spaces, or not giving them a place in those spaces. In the beginning stages of the feminism, there was a bond between the feminist and abolitionist movements. It was recognized that both causes had the same end goal; equality for all peoples, regardless of gender or race.…

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