The Struggle For Equality And Citizen 's Equal Rights Essay

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The struggle for equality and citizen’s equal rights has been an issue and continues to be one to this day. Texas has waged many battles in the struggle for women, African Texans, Latinos, Gays, and Lesbians to all achieve the social and political equality that they all deserve. The major developments that have occurred in order for their equality are extremely significant and hold an important role in today’s society. Luckily, even after the opposition that has happened, we all came together as one and progressed forward creating equality for everyone. Women in the Republic of Texas have struggled for years in the battle of equality, until the Women’s Suffrage Movement began, which was led by Minnie Fischer Cunningham. Texas Women lobbied for their right to vote, and even actively participated in the political arena, even though they lacked the right to vote. Finally, the lobbyist’s voices were heard by Mayor William P. Hobby, and women gained the right to vote in the 1918 Texas Primary (Humanities Texas). After achieving minimum voting rights, women continued to battle five more years and ultimately they were granted full voting rights in 1920. Texas had then became one of the first southern states to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment. After the major development in the struggle of voting, the Marital Property Act came in place and acted as a major stepping stone toward women’s social and political equality by permitting married women equal rights in insurance, banking,…

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