NYPD Research Paper

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The New York Police Department has grown significantly over the past 160 years. Now there are a little under 35,000 uniformed officers vigilance officers in the streets and 51,000 employees overall. There are 8 million people in New York City with a ratio of 4.18 police officer per 1,000 people. The NYPD mission was to improve the lifestyle of the city by “enforce the law, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment” (NYPD Mission). The NYPD duties are “enforcing laws, conducting patrols, issuing citations, investing crimes, collecting evidence, arresting suspects, completing paperwork and testifying in courts” (Work). The structure of the NYPD, “rank from lowest to highest recruit officers, probationary police officer, police officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, deputy …show more content…
The officer got into an altercation and mistaken Louima for being his attacker. The officer handcuffed Louima and beat him on their ride to the station and continued to beat him when they arrived at the station. The police officers sexually assaulted in the bathroom, and sodomized him with a toilet plunger and jammed it into his mouth. The officers of this case were convicted. Amadou Diallo was shot and killed 41 times by four the police officers in The Bronx, New York on February 4, 1999. They believe Louima he was drawing a gun, but he was taking out his wallet. They approach him because he fit the description of a serial rapist on the run, but later they found the only resemblance was the color of their skin. All four officers were acquitted of all charges. The 9/11 Terrorist Attack was the largest emergency service response. Over 2,000 NYPD officers help secured the area and rescued survivors. New York City is more safer because of the NYPD. The officers have become more protective of their city. The NYPD talked to other city agencies against terrorist

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