The Structure Of An Argument Essay

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The first chapter which described the foundations of argument along with the provided videos for the first week was full of information that helped me improve the effectiveness of my thinking. Several topics that helped me include learning about the structure of an argument, how to approach decision-making, what being closed minded really means, and a diagram that demonstrates the process of conclusions. The structure of an argument, as is described by Sherry Diestler, consists of an issue, conclusion, and the reasons. The issue is the subject that is being discussed. The conclusion is the position one chooses based on the reasons. Lastly, the reasons are the evidence or the premises for the conclusion. This structure has helped me realize that opinions are not necessarily correct unless they’re backed up by some evidence. An example would include conversations with my friends about which football player is better. We each have our own opinions, however each opinion would be strengthened if it is justified by non-refutable data like statistics of the player. I also realized that, as a critical thinker, it would be wise of me to be open to looking at new evidence because new information that flows in could change my original opinion on the subject. This is successful in fields such as science, where facts are modified throughout history as new knowledge and information arrives from experiments around the world. I found the approach to decision making to be very helpful to…

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