Essay about The Structure And Process Of An Organization

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Businesses rely on their information technology (IT) departments and resources for competitive advantages, and business to business transactions and cannot afford to apply to IT anything less than the same level of commitment they devote to company assets. It offers opportunities to transform business by providing value and enabling the business. IT governance required managers to be aware of the role and impact of IT on the business, measure performance, and define IT operation constraints, understand risk and obtain assurance.

IT governance is putting structure around how an organization aligns its IT strategy with its business strategy. There is a structure and process component to IT governance. The structure is who is governing and what are they governing. The process relates to decision making associated with IT and the policies used to measure and control the way decisions are made and carried out within the organization. The process is the how IT is governed within an organization.
Centralized or decentralized considerations There are several factors in identifying who is responsible for governing IT within an organization and at what level. One consideration is centralized or decentralized authority. There are advantages and disadvantages to each model and there is no one perfect model. A benefit of centralized IT governance is the ability to procure hardware and software on a broad scale within the organization. Centralization eliminates…

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