The Structural Roles Of Characters In Vladimir Propp's Blade Runner

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Register to read the introduction… He is developing emotions for the non-human replicants, which he used to kill in cold blood. The feeling he discovered when Rachel visited him in his apartment came back after he had killed a replicant.
Furthermore, Deckard's quest for the replicants leads him into lot of danger and situations that affect him and also change him. The main change happens when he falls in love with the replicant Rachel. This gives Deckard a real challenge, because his dramatic need in BR is to haunt and kill the replicants remaining on earth. Rachel is the films' femme fatale and Deckard cannot resist her, even though she is a replicant.
The structural roles of the characters in Blade Runner can be applied to Vladimir Propp's (1975, in Turner, G.) theories of the different roles of characters in a story. We have got "the villain" in the strongest and most elegant replicant, Roy Batty. He is the arch-replicant, or head of the evil force. On the opposite side we have got Deckard, which is "the hero" of the story. He fights the villain and his associates. The "helper" in the story is the other blade runner is Gaff, even though he doesn't appear too often. He is still on Deckards side, and he keeps leaving small origami objects wherever he goes. The "princess" though is undoubtedly Rachel. The ending of BR, is like a classical one, where the "hero" gets the "princess". The hero fights and defeats the
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Some of them are important, others are not. O'Sullivan et al. argues that a binary opposition is "an analytic category from structuralism, used to show how meanings can be generated out of two-term systems" (1994, p.30). This means that for instance words that means the exact opposite of the other. For example sea/land, male/female, black/white and so on. According Lèvi-Strauss, all contrast makes meaning (Lèvi-Strauss, in Taylor, L., & Willis, A., 1999, p. 72). The most important and also most obvious oppositions in Blade Runner is that between the humans and the replicants. This is implied in the opening sequence where the replicant Leon kills the human interrogator Holden. Here we can clearly see the opposites between humans and the generated replicants. Here we can clearly see what the main conflict of the film is between opposing forces (Turner, G., 1999). The opposing forces here are obviously the replicant and the human. And this conflict is also the main conflict of the story. There is also a quite complex opposition between Deckard and Rachel. There is one obvious opposite, the fact that she is female and he is a male. There are also a few other oppositions between these two characters: Deckard Rachel Male Female Human

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