Essay about The Structural Functionalism Of Sports Teams

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Structural functionalism, theorizes that as a whole society regulates the functions of its members based solely on the needs of the organization. This can be related to many different types of environments for instance, sports. Sports teams such football are set up around the needs of the team, different positions are required throughout the structure of the game play for proper function; quarterbacks are needed to lead the team and plan the movement of the ball in forward progression, linemen for the defense of the quarterback, receivers and running backs to move the ball down field. In the 1950’s, our society was established around traditional roles of women raising a family, maintaining the household and supporting more domestic necessities of society. While their social lives consisted of baking clubs, and tea time with the other women of the neighborhood. Men however went to work, supported the necessary functions of the corporate economy, finically provided for families and maintain the more rugged duties of the house such as mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow off the driveway. Socially the men were typically involved with hunting, fishing, poker games and smoking cigars while having a glass of scotch. Structural functionalism argues that a certain amount of these roles are necessary to keep the machine running, men are needed to do specific jobs and women are necessary for others. The idea is that these roles were created around society and developed based on…

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