Essay on The Stroke Belt : Health Promotion For African Americans

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The Stroke Belt: Health Promotion for African Americans At some point in every individual’s life, he or she will need healthcare whether it is at the time of birth or the time of death, but somewhere between life and death changes has to be made to improve the health and quality of life. These changes come about through health promotion. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the health prevention strategy and its mission and goals; its clinical significant and effects on the client, community, health care system related to stroke in African Americans as well as stroke program, goals, and interventions and resources available to help African American stroke victims or African Americans that are at risk for strokes.
The effects of stroke on the African American population Stroke is a serious neurological illness that is a result of blockage of a blood vessel to the brain that causes a decrease of oxygen and nutrients that supply the brain. This blockage is either due to a clot or the bursting of a vessel. When this happens, the affected portion of the brain begins to die. Symptoms include a sudden onset of extremity weakness of one side of the body and face, confusion, difficulty speaking and understanding, impaired vision in one or both eyes, impaired gait, dizziness, decrease coordination, and unknown cause of a severe headache (SC-DHEC). The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) have designated eleven states, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana,…

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