Essay on The Stress Of Medical Doctors

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Citizens in the world rely on medical doctors when they are seriously ill, injured, or in life and death situations. The problem with this is doctors still deal with stress just like anyone else would in a different profession. The major difference here is the fact that another human being’s life may be on the line. Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances which is what doctors are faced with, in their line of work. Medical doctors are entrusted to remain calm and focused under imminent life altering events. Ironically, doctors are frequently stressed, which impact their lives as well as their patient’s lives. In order to bring about change in the stress doctors must deal with, health care has to revisit what causes such stress to lower the stress percentage of doctors.
Seeing that doctors are chosen based off of their test scores, they are not shown communication skills in medical school. This crucially affects doctors since they are thrown into a setting where communication is not only vital to the doctor-patient relationship but as well for the hospital staff and coworkers. Doctors are expected to have “leadership skills” and “proper emotional capacity” to aid patients in an “extremely stressful and often traumatic experience.” (“Is Your Doctor Burned Out? Why Doctors Are Set Up for Stress”). However, doctors who lack “tools to manage these situations” are often found to be “stressful on the doctors…

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