The Stress Of A Solider Commits A Crime Essay

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Being married to a member of the armed forces I have been able to experience some of the stress related issues that our service members go through. Much of this stress comes from superior officers. Orders are given to lower ranking members that they sometimes do not agree with. However, our military members are taught to take orders from superior officers no matter if they agree with the orders or not. One of our military foundations is to obey. Soldiers are taught from boot camp to obey with no questions asked. If they don’t listen to orders given to them by superiors they are punished. When a solider commits a crime due to an order coming from a superior officer I believe that the superior officer should be at fault. When an individual is trained to take orders no matter if they are civilian or military they will do as they have been trained. When a solider commits a crime I believe it has to deal with fear, not knowing that they are committing a crime and they are basically programed to obey. Some might argue that each individual is accountable for their own actions, but military members have one of the most stressful jobs. In a combat zone this stress can reach an all-time high which can leave military personal even more vulnerable. That is why I believe that superior officers should be punished if their orders are unlawful. When enlisted military members take their oath in the United States Army there is a section

In the oath that says, “I will obey the orders…

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