Essay on The Stress Of A Personal Stress

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In view of a personal stress is not a common subjective phenomenon, it very usual arises in everyday life. Since many scientists and medical researches state that stress is a physical, mental, or emotional factor, it can cause bodily or mental tension. However, it is very difficult to define or explain how people really feel while they are under stressing out. Since stress can appear in many variety of ways within family, personal financial dilemma, in relationship or marriage life, and also in day-to-day activities of our personal lives.
First of all, the level of personal stress can be differed according to the structure or type of family problems. In “Family stress factors across three family types” by Karen Haun Barlow, she states that due to family stress, 108 families had been in counseling for one month or less. In her studies, there were 91 females and 17 males ranging between ages of 21 and 60 with a mean age of 36 are having difficulties of personal stress. For many married couples, having kids can be very difficult. As we all know, working, taking classes at college and having or taking care of children become challenges in their everyday life. Since, parents have anxiety about their children education, health, and even hiring someone to babysit while they work, many married adults can be stressed out more or less, depending upon situations. Not only those common factors but also becoming parents of disability kids are very difficult to take care of. In an…

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