The Strengths Reflected By Cognitive Theory Essay

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The strengths reflected by cognitive theory are those that provide knowledge about relationships, enhances perpetual skills, improves decision-making skills, and improves assessment skills (Nylund, 2015). Some criticisms of the theory suggest that cognitive theory focuses primarily on the individual and not the environment as a dynamic (Walsh, 2006, p 196). Furthermore, this theory does not focus on an individual’s emotions, such as crying, since the theory is over rationalized. This perspective can be seen as very cookie cutter because of the structure of the interventions. There is a lot of funding for the use of this perspective, but that does not mean it is more helpful than other perspectives.
Cognitive theory supports my belief that having a positive mindset will help with any cognitive distortion or problem you may have. One of the theory’s interventions is designed to promote individuals to use “pep talk” as a way to cope with stressors. For example, when someone is in a stressful situation, they can use a pep talk to encourage him or her to finish a task or believe they can get through a difficult time. I believe pep talk is helpful because it encourages and empowers a person in a positive way. Additionally, the theory both supports and challenges my values. It supports the fact that it is up to the person to decide what they want to work on and how they want to approach their problem. On the other hand, I consider family a valuable support system to have, while…

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