The Strengths Of Benito Mussolini As The Duce Of Italy

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Benito Mussolini came to power in 1922 as the Duce of Italy, more commonly known as Italy’s prime minister. ( He was not elected prime minister by the people of Italy, instead the king deemed him this title as many citizens truly believed Mussolini could return Italy to greatness after their defeat in WW1. Thus suggesting Mussolini came to power by default, as the country was in a weak and vulnerable position after the debacle of WW1, and not by his own strengths.

Benito Mussolini was an Italian journalist, politician, and leader of the Facist party in which he founded in the March of 1919. The right-wing organisation supported nationalism, wore black t-shirts for their uniform and initiated a program of unrest and intimidation against its left-wing, socialist opponents. (
Mussolini had a group of nationalists known as an ‘action squad’, who promoted terror and violence and who set panic upon political opponents, named the ‘black shirts’. The ‘black shirts’ attacked and destroyed the organisations of socialists, communists, republicans, catholics and trade unionists, and provided the pretext
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This came not long after he had failed in an election due to the new system of voting. By the end of 1920 many Italians were in constant fear of Mussolini’s action squad and in November 1920 the ‘Black-Shirts’ attacked many Italian groups, including the socialists. Mussolini, at this point, was a strong-minded leader of his party and he knew exactly what he wanted. “Either the government will be given to us or will shall seize it by marching on Rome.” he stated, manifesting his powerful position. The threat of ‘The March on Rome’ was enough to cause many Italian people to turn to Mussolini and Fascism, leaving behind the Social and Liberal

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