The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The New Perspective

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Anything titled ‘new’ in regards to views on the Bible should be dealt with cautiously. Of course, throughout history it was necessary that some doctrines be revised (e.g. the Earth as center of the universe***) and in such cases, ‘new perspectives’ were quite beneficial. While the New Perspective on Paul is certainly thought provoking and even brings up some good points in regards to Judaism, the Church should treat it with caution and not regard it as a replacement for the traditional views of justification, righteousness, or salvation.

ﰀ• A list of the major New Perspective scholars and their publications E.P. Sanders authored the book that began the questioning of the traditional view on Paul’s writings; Paul and Palestinian Judaism. This book was
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ﰀ• A discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the New Perspective The New Perspective does remind theologians that while they are studying the Bible, they are dealing with a text that was written in the very different time of the first century. While Luther’s writings may be beneficial in certain aspects, his writings are closer to modern times than to the time of the New Testament. Another strength of the New Perspective is the emphasis on salvation by grace in history (Romans 4.1-16). YHWH is gracious and this is clear throughout the Old Testament. A weakness about the New Perspective on Paul is that it only focuses on Paul. While the Apostle Paul wrote much of the New Testament (although there were others involved in the writing of his letters) and while his writings are indeed the inspired Word of YHWH, the New Testament is not solely comprised of his letters. In oder to understand the doctrines of the New Testament, one has to examine all the books in the

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