The Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Writing

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I had been a student in Heritage High School for a total of four years and have grown and learned more than I had ever anticipated. For someone who has never had interest in English and writing, I have enjoyed the art of using letters to make words, words to make sentences, and sentences to create endless amounts of stories, to be quite frank. I have consistently been an achiever but throughout the career of my coursework, I have come to the realization of how one truly develops as a writer as time goes by. Indeed it is with one’s major strengths and weaknesses one fully develops the ability to be the best writer they can possibly be. As a student, I am able to write developed essays, conduct intensive research, and stylize the paper to my own liking, along with possessing the setbacks of losing …show more content…
As I transition to college writing from high school writing, keeping focus and keeping the reader interested is what I will need to work on continuously. When I focus on a particular omponent of my writing for too long, such as my style, I go off on tangents and forget to keep in mind the rhetorical purpose of the essay itself. Another weakness that my style may produce is the inability to create unique and interesting introductions and conclusions. In fact, I find coming up with a decent introduction more difficult than actually writing a conclusion. I expect myself to enhance this disability while in college.
College writing will surely be different from my high school writing coursework. What intimidates me most about college writing will be the alternative expectations from professor to professor because at times I find it rather difficult to readjust. It frustrates me not knowing exactly what the professor requires from myself and other students. That being said, I feel like I would be urged to write a moderate quantity of papers in the major I will be pursuing:

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