The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Customer Service

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When you think about customer service you think of someone that has good strength in that field who is able to take upon any situation. People also think of customer service as someone who would always have a smile no matter what and take care of your needs. But as people don’t realize about what do these people have to go through every day and every call or every person coming to them with a problem. Sometimes being in customer service can be difficult on a person, but for those who are already in this field know what to expect and what not to expect. The strengths and weaknesses of the customer service environment are put in to categories, and as a person in customer service you have to be careful with these things.
1. team player- strengths
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Giving favors- weakness( a customer care representative should avoid is taking on too much for other employees)

People in this field have to be able to have
1. Communication skills- They need the ability to decipher a customer 's concerns and effectively communicate the procedure for dealing with them. In addition
2. Personality- Calm, pleasant personalities work best for those in customer care positions
3. Teamwork- Troubleshooting difficult problems and finding answers to complex questions may require teamwork,
4. Decision-Making Skills- Sometimes, a customer care worker has to make decisions on her own because company policy doesn 't cover a situation or because she has several options that all meet the company 's policy
5. Desire to Please- While customer care does focus on keeping customers satisfied and resolving issues, a customer care person must do so according to company policy, keeping the health of the business in mind
6. Argumentative Personality- Debate skills do have a place in the business world but not usually in customer care
7. Lack of Follow-Up- If a representative helps a customer resolve a problem, following up to make sure a solution worked can prove
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Even keeping in mind (yes edge your guest and make sure they have an excellent experience but also note when you go above and beyond. Keep in mind you have to inform someone what you are doing and what you need a head of time.) As a person who works at the capitol grille I sure our policies will tell you we do cater to our customers and they always come first. We make sure they are happy from the time they walk in to the time they leave out the door. The value as I mention before is making sure our customers have edge every time they come through our doors.
Our Strength Comes From Strong Values
We believe our strong corporate values and culture help our employees learn, thrive and grow. In fact, we believe our vibrant culture gives our company a competitive advantage. Our core values have been forged over a 70-plus-year history, starting with our founder, Bill Darden, who opened his first restaurant in 1938. We look to these values as we endeavor to deliver on Darden 's core purpose – To nourish and delight everyone we

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